Have you experienced physical emotional or sexual abuse in your life?
If you are struggling with nervousness, anxiety, low self-esteem, feeling hopeless, finding yourself unable to trust anyone and feeling as though you are not good enough as the result of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, then you need to contact me. I understand the impact that trauma has on survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse…how it makes you feel unworthy, how it makes you feel unsafe today, and how it is difficult to enjoy life. Don’t let the past continue to impact your present life…you have suffered enough! There are scientific evidenced based trauma treatments including EMDR, prolonged exposure therapy and cognitive processing therapy all of which have been shown to be highly effective in getting your life back or helping you to find a way to be the person you were meant to be. Call me today for an assessment and consultation. I have help many trauma patient’s reclaim their lives. Call 812-454-2170 or email me at jamesjoneslcsw@yahoo.com.

Relationship/marriage counseling

Are you and your partner unable to sit in the same room without verbally coming to blows? Are you unable to connect to the person of your dreams in a way that makes you feel that he/she is going to be emotionally available to you when you really need them. Has your relationship been torn apart by betrayal and abandonment and you do not wonder if you can ever forgive the person you thought you could trust forever with everything? My goal is to help you find comfort and connection with the person with whom you have chosen to go through life. Healing, comfort and connection can be a possibility with emotionally focused therapy for couples. I will provide a safe environment for you to re-connect with your significant other. Call me today at 812-454-2170 or email me at jamesjoneslcsw@yahoo.com.


Are you finding yourself unable to stop drinking, drugging, eating, sexually acting out, gambling or controlling your temper? If so, you may be suffering from compulsive behaviors and/or obsessive thoughts. Are you beginning to experience real life consequences in your life…consequences that are threatening your life, ruining relationships with people that you love, destroying your reputation, depleting your finances or even risking your freedom? I have experience with both abusive behaviors and addictive behaviors, I understand 12 step support groups and can assist you with the urge to act out on your compulsions and obsessions. Take action today! Recovery can start with the first call to 812-454-2170 or email me at jamesjoneslcsw@yahoo.com.
For those trying to stop smoking, the following link takes you to an online smoking cessation support group.